Do you have your own stand?

Do you have any idea how to sell our ice cream even better? There are no limits to the invention, and our draft ice cream will help you to do it well. It is really great, which is confirmed by our customers. We are not only sellers of mixtures and ready-made ice creams, but we also operate our own pastry shop in the commercial center of the Golden Apple in Zlín.
We know that the interest in our ice cream is really great, which is why we have expanded our offer to include new flavors for customers. For retailers, we have a choice of many options that can be tailored to your requirements. Draught ice cream from us is hitting the center of the target. Join us too.
New sales Strategy
For year 2013 we have created a new sales strategy and we want to emphasize our brand. The Adria Gold Draft ice cream is the right thing for you.