From here and back

The concept of home is very closely tied to concepts such as stability, security, background. It is synonymous with something solid from which we grow up and where our origins are, no matter where our end is. This will result in our problems if we are torn from our familiar environment and are suddenly settled with the changed conditions. Moreover, in today's uncertain times, such a change, even several times a lifetime, is more than probable. Precarious employment, precarious living and financial conditions, uncertain extreme climatic phenomena, and an uncertain global situation political with millions of refugees around the world are good reasons for a person to become accustomed to the fact that his background will be many times in life Transforming in incredible ways.
How to deal with it
To face uncertainty is basically only the acquisition of Asian meditation and self-improvement techniques and the use of equipment called mobile homes. Thus, the possibility to take their facilities always with each other.