New house with a loft

There was only one thing she loved more than the roof window in her new attic bedroom: The entrance to the terrace that she had for herself, because her mother didn't want a western room, apparently it was too dark. Evženie did not complain, on the contrary. She was in charge of the flowers in the boxes on the railings, but she didn't mind, on the contrary. She liked to take care of the red, purple, white and pink fuchsia, which hung in beautiful curtains through the balcony, until it was not the wooden railing terraces ever seen.
Private terrace
She loved this House, not even château. As expected, the sister took the Southern room, which was the largest and brightest, but was missing the charm of the terrace. Evženie was glad that she and her sister were so different, because they were never arguing about anything. Each had their own life and their peace.